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Originating from Watsonville, California, Jenna has always had a love for creativity. It started with color books and writing, then grew to food and drink concoctions, and expanded to jewelry making, bubble bath, or sewing little dolls. She grew up with a holistic-lean on many health issues. Holistic and natural practices have remained a constant interest in her adult life and she is happy to be able to use this interest into her business.

She is self taught for many things she makes. She enjoys looking at inspiring things and tries to figure out how to recreate it in her own way. One thing that she has learned this way is wire-wrapping. This has also led her to creating pendulums in a unique way. First, she works with the weight to get used to its unique energy. Then she lets it decide what charms, beads, and other fixings it wants on it, ask it where it wants these things, and so on. There is no rushing these pieces as they are incredibly special and deserve the best so their energy and wisdom can flow in the most powerful way.

When young, she realized if she asked her necklaces questions, they would move in certain but precise ways, even though there was no movement or wind. She also learned that a playing deck of cards could have messages within them. She knew the practice with cards was similar to tarot, however she did not make the connection with her necklaces with pendulum until later in her adult life.

During the week, she works in an animal hospital where she is able to help animals and their humans alike. In her free time she enjoys reading, tarot and pendulum, streaming TV shows, and walking the beach. Jenna currently resides in Southern California with her cat Riven.



Roots of the Rose Co. started with soap bars, creating essential oil blends that would help with various things such as mental clarity, energy, and healing the skin.

Next came pendulums. As a young child, Jenna was able to "communicate" with her necklaces and similar items. Not knowing much about this practice, she discovered the art of pendulum and learned just how similar it is to what she did before. She has taught a pendulum work shop and started creating pendulums to sell online. She learned how to bond with the pendulums quickly and works with them to adorn them with the beads, charms, and string that they want. She believes a happy pendulum will be able to bond more successfully with its new partner and work better with them.

Naturally, since it was a hobby of Jenna's as a teenager, jewelry came next. She taught herself how to do wire wrapping and enjoys it a great deal, especially because she is consistently around many other wire wrap artisans whom create inspiration and motivation.

Having dabbled with pendulums, Jenna has also created rune stone sets, mainly Witch's Runes and, an original idea, Planetary Runes. The first sets were made out of beach rocks she collected at the beaches of Oceanside, CA. Moving forward, new mediums will be most likely used.

Jenna looks forward to creating more items and is always open to discussing new ideas, participating in local events, or working with another artisan for a collaboration. Presently she creates jewelry, pendulums, stickers, and canvas art.

Roots of the Rose officially opened on Etsy on December 31 2017, on New Year's Eve.



Presently, Jenna is taking time with her cat Riven and planning out 2024.


Last Updated: December 13th, 2023